About me…

I was born in Maribor. I was always fascinated by other cultures, so I traveled and lived abroad quite a lot. For 5 years I lived, studied, danced and worked in Cali, Colombia. Cali is considered the world capital of salsa. Dance and music take over the everyday life of this third largest city in Colombia. Colombia has become a part of me – I feel it when I dance, when I talk, when I feel.

I am deeply grateful that life has given me the opportunity to find and live my element, to develop and consolidate myself in two diverse but intertwined areas: dance-art and pedagogy.

I completed my studies in pedagogy and sociology at the University of Maribor and, through JSKD, completed training for teachers of dance and creative movement. In addition, I made a TEFL certificate for teaching English as a foreign language and in Cali I made the training to become a salsa dancer and salsa teacher.

Even more than formal education itself, I believe, work and life experiences are those that count. These strengthen us in our actions and beliefs.

Over the years, I have gained a diverse range of working experiences in both areas. As a dance teacher, I worked in primary schools, kindergarten, dance schools (DS Plesna izba, DS Plesna Dimenzija, DS S plesni studio, DS Arrebato caleno, DS Estrellas mundiales) and organized independed dance workshops – both in Slovenia and in Colombia. As a dancer, I performed in Cali, in a dance show on the Greek island of Kos and on dance projects in Slovenia. In 2016 and 2017, I performed with the Estrellas mundiales de la danza dance school at the largest dance salsa parade in the world: Salsodoromo, which is part of the Feria de Cali.

Within the field of pedagogy, I worked as a school counselor, teacher for children with learning difficulties and in EU projects Raising Social and Cultural Capital and Extra curriculum activities. In Cali, I worked on the project of the Colombian Ministry of Education Bilingual Colombia, on the project Creative English Teaching at the Waldorf School Cali and creative summer camp. I also did dance and movement and language through movement workshops for a kindergarten, workshops for summer camps etc.

During the last 17 years I did different volunteering work around the world from teaching children from low economic backgrounds, organizing activities in a nursing home, giving dance and arts workshops, learning support and some more.

I combine my passion for movement, dance and teaching in various forms of work and offers, which you can find by clicking on one of the areas: dance and education.

If you have a question or would consider to work with me please do no hesitate to contact me (below).


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Katja Čuk