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About me…

I was born in Maribor. I have spent the last 5 years educating, dancing and working in South America. For 4 years I lived in the Colombian city of Cali, which is considered the “World Capital of Salsa”. Colombia has become a part of me – I feel it when I dance, when I talk, when I think and when I feel emotional.
I am deeply grateful that life has given me the opportunity to develop and consolidate myself in several fields: pedagogical and artistic. I studied pedagogy and sociology at the University of Maribor, later completed my education as a Creative Movement and Dance Teacher at JSKD, did TEFL to teach English abroad, and was educated in Colombia as a dancer and dance teacher of salsa and Latin rhythms and worked on two interesting pedagogical projects: Bilingual Colombia and the Creative Teaching of English at the Waldorf School.

I have a variety of work experiences as a teacher, dancer and dance teacher and choreographer. As a nanny, I worked in 2008 with a multicultural family in Singapore and wrote my diploma thesis there. In 2011/12 I lived and worked in New Zealand, where I managed a hostel and dance trained a group of gymnasts. In Cali, I thought at the Arrebato Caleno Dance School, designed and implemented an English and pedagogical program for dance teachers and danced at the largest salsa parade in the world, at Salsodromo 2016 and 2017. As a teacher, I worked for 4 years in 2 of Maribors elementary schools and participated in EU programs: “Enhance school” and “Raise students’ social and cultural capital”. In both, Slovenia and Colombia, I have given dance classes; I was doing recreational holiday’s programmes, as well as salsa and dance shows and animation.
It may sound like an odd combination, but for me it is this combination that allows me to live up to my full potential and pass it on to others. Both teaching and dancing are my passions that I can combine perfectly when working with people. Working and living in different cultural settings, however, give me a different and more holistic view of the world and people.


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Katja Čuk